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Posted in : "2020 - July"

  • Bicycle and Electric bike Workshops
    Bicycle and Electric bike Workshops

    Where do you go when you want to buy or repair a bicycle that is bristling with the latest innovations? A dark and dingy side street or a bright, clean, well designed purpose built showroom and workshop where professionalism and attention to your needs is paramount?

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  • MOT TESTING - Covid-19 extension ends August 1st
    MOT TESTING - Covid-19 extension ends August 1st

    After the Government suspended the requirement for MOT testing due to the Coronavirus everyone knew that it would only be temporary. As of the 1st August a current test certificate becomes mandatory again. This is sure to mean a surge for testing stations.

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  • Motorcycle DIAGNOSTICS
    Motorcycle DIAGNOSTICS

    Every year more and more motorcycles, scooters and ATVs are equipped with a larger number of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit). These monitor a huge range of activities on and around the vehicle. Making the interpretation of their language and codes absolutely vital. Diagnostics are here to stay. Motorcycle diagnostics are needed for fault finding and managing a myriad of service issues.  Many manufacturers have their own brand specific devices. However for the independents out there an...

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