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Motorcycle Workshop Equipment

Motorbike maintenance is not only important to the health and safety of all riders, but also other road users. Whether you’re a motorbike technician fixing a puncture in a motorcycle workshop, or are a keen mechanical enthusiast working on a motorcycle exhaust in a private garage, the tools and equipment used to carry out motorcycle diagnostic repairs and maintenance can make all the difference to the quality of the job, and your overall working experience.

 In this article we look at some of the motorcycle maintenance equipment available to professional and private workshops and garages in the UK.

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit
Following the Coronavirus pandemic, facilities where people work, shop, play or study should have the right personal protection equipment (PPE) in place to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers.

Hand sanitation gel, plus safety wear like gloves and masks should now be supplied to ensure adequate hygiene, like the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser unit manufactured by ‘LV8 – ELEVATE’ for example; these units are helping people stay safe in motorcycle workshops around the UK. Equipped with an infrared gel dispenser, gloves holder, masks support and touchless waste bin, this PPE device follows all the safety standards and does not have any handles or parts where a user may come into direct contact with the dispenser.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lifting Equipment

To ensure your hydraulic motorcycle lifting equipment meets your budget and workshop requirements, it is important to research the type of motorcycle scissor lift your garage needs before investing in a reliable and durable model. Hydraulic motorcycle lifts need both hydraulic fluid and compressed air to operate, but they require extraordinarily little effort to manually operate and balance a motorcycle. The compressed air aids in elevating the motorcycle lift, while the hydraulic fluid aids in the smooth operating motion.

The motorbike scissor lifts name refers to its overall look and design. The lifting action and mechanism have a scissor type operation and movement which look like a pair of scissors. Mechanical bike lifts are exactly that, operated manually by handles and can be manoeuvred in to both a low and raised position.

Important motorcycle lifting equipment key features to consider:

  • Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Maximum Height Range
  • Carriage Width
  • Balance and Stability
  • Carriage Width
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Maintenance and Manufacturer Guarantees

Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanning Tool

Motorcycle diagnostic scanning tools are high-tech instruments that perform general and advanced diagnostics for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining motorcycles, which also include tests for motorcycle MOTs. These scanning tools can change or update a wide range of the motorbikes system parameters and will work on almost every motorcycle, including BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Peugeot, Piaggio, Suzuki and many more models.

Established in 1991, one of the market leaders in motorcycle diagnostic products are ‘Motorscan’. Manufacturers of various emission testers and diagnostic tools like the ‘Motorscan 6050’ for example, one of the best diagnostic scanning tools used by many garages and motorcycle workshops throughout the UK.

DVSA approved Motorcycle Roller Brake Tester with calibration certificates

Class 1 and 2 motorcycle workshop roller brake testing units are generally fitted directly into the motorcycle workshop floor clear of all obstructions. They are manufactured using the highest quality materials, and like with all professional motorcycle testing equipment, the brake testing machine should be maintained on a regular basis for top performance and a long-life span.

The ‘BT5000 MKII’ motorcycle roller brake tester is one of the most popular models found in the UK. It is designed to carry out brake tests on every type of motorcycle regardless of its wheel size, weight, or vehicle size.

While diagnostic testing is being carried out, the motorbikes weight and brake performance, such as drum ovality, are monitored and reported back digitally to the qualified technician ready for printing out for the customer.

DVSA approved Motorcycle Headlamp Beam Tester with calibration certificates

Motorcycle headlamp beam testers should be fully approved for Class 1 and 2 motorcycle MOT testing bays, meeting all DVSA specifications for headlamp aligners. They are suitable for tests on all motorcycle models, and the headlamps rails will be either on wheels, surface mounted or recessed in the motorcycle workshop.

Motorcycle headlamp beam testers key features include:

  • MOT and DVSA approved
  • Integral fixed aiming screen
  • Analogue LUX meter for light intensity measurements
  • Diode for checking light intensity of high / low beams
  • Rail length should be 3 x meters

In summary, when researching to purchase any professional motorcycle workshop equipment, always look for top quality workshop products at a competitive price. Do not be afraid to ask your motorcycle trade equipment supplier for their advice and recommendations, also enquire about the after-sales maintenance plans and service.

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