Reference: MOT Equipment

Wheel Alignment Bars - WA5000

Part of the standard equipment required to carry out a Class 1 & 2 MOT inspection on two-wheeled vehicles. Made from extra strength extruded aluminum box section with thumb screw and threaded to allow clamping to the vehicle. Full instruction manual available via email.

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Reference: Tyre Changer Consumables

T500, T520 T2000 Jaws - Motorcycle Tyre Changer

Jaw assembly complete Part No 2900003  Fits T500M T520M T2000M  (John Bean Version) Sold as single units - IF YOU REQUIRE A SET OF 4 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MULTIPLE UNIT SHIPPING COST For more advise on parts or accessories for your Tyre Changer, call now on 01832 741007

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Pro Scissor Jack - Super Titan - ST02

An excellent tool for use on its own or in conjunction with a workbench, the Super Titan acts as a support for bikes without centre stands. A super tough industrial thread ensures even the heaviest of machines can be jacked up with ease. A selection of telescopic mounting arms ensure that all applications are catered for in complete safety, whilst non...

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Manual Wheel Clamp - EWCM

Heavy duty motorcycle wheel clamp that extends high up the front wheel for maximum stability. (optional motorised adjuster available on request) Recommended by Harley-Davidson

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BT5000BC Decelerometer for motorcycle with linked brakes, combinations, 3 wheelers and quads
  • BT5000BC Decelerometer for motorcycle with linked brakes, combinations, 3 wheelers and quads
  • Hard case for safe and secure storage.
  • supplied with harness for mounting on vehicles' handlebar.

Decelerometer BT5000BC

MOT Equipment

The BT5000BC Brake Check is a fully self-contained and portable, brake efficiency device that is designed for ATV /Quads and bikes with linked brakes. The unit is MOT approved and designed for all classes. Supplied in a durable carry case complete with all accessories for motorcycles. 

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The device operates on 4 rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries and will power-down after a period of inactivity to conserve energy.

The Brake Check determines braking efficiency of both the Service Brake (Foot brake) and Hand Brake by measuring deceleration. Designed to be self-compensating, the instrument will indicate on the LED screen when it is positioned level enough to perform a brake test.

A generous tolerance ensures ‘level enough’ is easily achieved. All operations are performed using only three buttons on the unit. With the Brake Check, test results can be viewed on the display or downloaded to a PC. Printing can be done from the PC or by using a portable serial or the included infrared printer.

For use on Linked Brakes, Quads and ATVs

• Measures Peak Deceleration Front / Rear

• Measures Average Deceleration Front / Rear

• Calculates Stopping Distance (metres or feet)

• Calculates Test Speed (kph or mph)

• Audio Signal

• Battery charger supplied

• Operates for one hour or approx. 120 tests on full charge

• Can be used after 5 minutes of charging

• Automatic level compensation

• Easy to use

• ‘Calibration Required’ indicator

• Three digit readout

• Internal self diagnostics

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MOT Equipment
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Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool - MS6050

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QUBE 6 Drawer Tool chest

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