Motorcycle Roller Brake Tester


The BT5000 MkII, undoubtedly the UK’s most popular motorcycle roller brake tester. DVSA approved for Class 1 and 2 MOT Testing. Ideal for the brakes of all 2-wheeled vehicles regardless of size, weight or wheel size. The compact unit is fitted into the floor and all readings are taken from a wall mounted console, ensuring complete freedom from obstruction in the testing area. Testing could not be simpler – just ride on and the BT5000 MkII does the rest, testing the brakes and weighing the bike with a user-friendly remote control handset to command the operation. The combination of analogue and digital display provides valuable diagnostic information relevant to brake performance such as drum ovality, cracked or warped discs too.


A vital component of the Class 1 and 2 motorcycle MOT test. The BT5000 roller brake tester is firmly established as the benchmark for testing the braking coefficient of two-wheeld vehicles. The BT5000 MkII is sure to increase customer confidence and hugely enhance your company profile – as well as giving you the accurate and consistent readings you want – time and time again. Maufactured in Italy using premium components.

  • Motor (single phase) 1.5Kw 220/240V
  • Brake Roller Tester (pit size approx. L1040 x W580 x D270mm)
  • Console (size approx. H400 x W500 x D120mm)
  • Max. axle load 1000kg
  • Automatic operation
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Option for printed reports
  • Suitable for use as standalone diagnostic unit.
  • Quick and accurate one-man operation.
  • DVSA approved, for the statutory testing of motorcycles and combinations (Class I and 2).
  • Diagnostic display for brake faults like oval drums, warped and cracked disks etc.
  • Self contained friction roller unit
  • Integral weighing of axle weight and brake efficiency.


  • MOT approved by the Vehicle Inspectorate
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Flush fitting roller set allows compact bay layouts
  • Full infra-red remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate for consistent, reliable results
  • Integral automatic 4 point weighing system
  • Analogue and digital display
  • Digital display of maximum brake force, bike weight and calculated brake efficiency percentage
  • Check for warped disks / oval drums
  • Wheel slip roller stop
  • Epoxy coated friction rollers
  • Motor protection against ingress of water
  • Easy drive out mode
  • Low speed rollers to reduce ‘kick out’
  • Manual emergency stop button built in on display.
  • Complete installation (to a pre-prepared site), commissioning, certification and on-site training included in the price.


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