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FIRE SAFETY STICK – Fight fire without the MESS!

Fire Extinguishers have not changed much since their invention. Traditionally a large, heavy  and cumbersome cylinder that, when used, can often leave a damaging mess that can be very difficult to clear up. Now the Fire Safety Stick presents a safe method to put out fires quickly and efficiently and at a fraction of the costs.

The Fire Safety Stick causes no damage or messy residue. Fire Safety Stick uses a tested and proven technology, created and developed for the space programme, that fights fires on its molecular level. By chemically interrupting the chain of combustion, Fire Safety Stick safely and effectively puts out fires without the mess, toxicity, or danger associated with a traditional extinguisher.

PLUS, unlike traditional extinguishers, it can even be left in an enclosed area to continue to suppress the fire whilst the occupants have escaped to safety. Since the Fire Safety Stick’s discharge time is many times longer than that of a conventional compact extinguisher it’s ideal when used to aid a safe escape.

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