Automatic Front Wheel Clamp – EWCA


The Automatic Front Wheel Clamp EWCA allows the motorcycle front wheel to ‘roll in and roll out’ without any manual adjustment to tighten. Has a unique feature to allow the front wheel to come out of the bike forwards. Can be used for vehicle transport. Ideal for use with any of our hydraulic scissor lifts. Manual version available, click here or on the related product below..


The automatic front wheel clamp is a device designed to immobilise the bike by clamping onto its wheel.

The clamp is operated by a rocker system that is activated by rolling the bike into it. It can be attached to a variety of wheel sizes and can hold the vehicle securely in place, preventing it from moving or being driven away.

The RS Workshop Equipment automatic wheel clamp is a useful tool for mechanics and enthusiasts who need to work on or store vehicles safely and securely.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using the RS Workshop Equipment manual wheel clamp, as improper use can result in damage to the vehicle or injury to the user. Always make sure that the clamp is securely attached and that the vehicle is properly supported before attempting to use the clamp.

The perfect accessory for your workbench enabling you to stabilise the bike.

  • Quick and easy roll in – roll out
  • quick release fitting kit supplied
  • Work safe and secure



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