NANO 600 Split Motorcycle Lift


One of the most versatile Workbenches available

The Nano 600 Split motorcycle lift from the NANO range of lifts is designed and produced in Italy. The lowest profile lift on the market at only 7,5 cm (3”) high when closed it also features an automatically retracting run up ramp. The decks (worktop) front split system affords the technician easy access for disassembly of wheels and suspension.

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NANO 600 Split Motorcycle lift with ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC UNIT CONSOLE

The master switch control buttons and hydraulic pump are housed in a smart custom made cabinet from which the hydraulic hose powers to high quality rams with built in safety valves.


The hydraulic system features twin ram cylinders equipped with a self- lubricating system,  infinite height adjustments allow the NANO motorcycle lift without having to manually operate release mechanisms.


The NANO motorcycle lift is equipped with an automatic retractable run-up ramp to ensure a safe, ergonomic workstation, free of any obstacle on the floor, increasing the efficiency of maintenance operations on the vehicle. When the lift goes up the ramp runs smoothly and silently into the lift chassis.

Also available as an 800kg Split Big Bike Lift

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Weight 180 kg


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