Single Post Groundcare Lift


Single Post Lifting at Its Best: Efficient and Space-Saving Solutions

Discover the advantages of single post lifts for your workshop. These lifts not only offer a space-saving solution but also handle a multitude of machines with ease. Whether you need to lift mowers, push equipment, or other machinery, our single post lifts provide a safe and efficient way to elevate your tools to a convenient working height, reducing the need for kneeling on hard floors and bending your back while making repairs.

Benefits of Our Single Post Lifts:

  • Versatile Lifting Capabilities: Perfect for mowers and push equipment, ensuring access to all servicing tasks.
  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Lift equipment to a safe working height, making repairs easier and safer.
  • Top-Quality Construction: Built to exacting standards from premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Proven Performance: Widely used in workshops throughout Europe, our lifts are made in France and fully CE compliant.

Specialised Pedestrian Mower Lifts

In addition to single post lifts, we offer pedestrian mower lifts to improve working conditions for your technicians. This often overlooked area can become a significant revenue stream with the right equipment.

Why Choose Our Single Post Lifts?

  • Space-Saving Design: Ideal for workshops with limited space.
  • Robust and Reliable: Withstand the demands of modern workshops.
  • European Quality: Made in France, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Contact Us for More Details

Call us now at 01832 741007 for more information about our exceptional single post lifts and pedestrian mower lifts. Improve your workshop’s efficiency and safety with our top-rated lifting solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: The basic delivery charge will be added at checkout. Additional supplements may apply based on the destination. For more details, please call 01832 741007.


  • Single post lift, Electro-mechanical operation equipped with auger screw for lifting 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles
  • Ideal Mower Lift
  • Adjustable wheelbase 880mm to 2100mm
  • Special steel forks with extender to secure the adjustment
  • reversible wheel holder to position wheels in- or outside the forks
  • Way max 1300mm. Wheel holder equipped with automatic wheel stop (minimum height 100mm)
  • 1200 kg lifting capacity
  • Dimensions with optional base plate – 2635mm (H) x 2230mm (L) x 1900mm (W) – Weight 650kg
  • Optional Base Plate available at additional cost
  • Dimensions 2635mm (H) x 2050mm (L) x 1900mm (W) – Weight 520kg
  • 3 Phase
  • Robust construction
  • Available as electro-hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • CE Certified
  • We also offer pedestrian mower lifts – ease the working conditions for your technicians in this often overlooked area of good revenue stream.

Ground requirements to set on the lift single column – The lift must be set on a concrete floor, levelled and regular, without expansion joints and crack-free. This base must support the forces transmitted by the columns in the heaviest load conditions: it must have a resistance of at least 35 N/mm2 similar to 35 RcK class. The concrete layer must guarantee the anchor’s holding and have a good consistency of at least 150 mm. The above specifications must be ensured on a minimum area of 1750 x 1600 mm.
Concrete RcK 35 class (35 N/mm2) with double steel reinforcement


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