Ultrasonic Cleaner – 20 litre


An ultrasonic cleaner uses ultra high frequency sound waves to agitate water, creating millions of tiny cavitation bubbles. These bubbles, virtually invisible to the eye, act on and remove contaminants adhering to the surfaces of any object in the water, such as metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics.


Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 litre capacity – This action penetrates the smallest cracks, holes and recesses and thoroughly removes all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces. For best results cleansing agent is used in the ultrasonic cleaner, at a temperature typically 45°C – 50°C. Depending on the type of contamination and the item to be cleansed there are different cleaning agents available. Contaminants can include dust, dirt, oil, pigments, grease, polishing compounds, fingerprints, biological soil like; blood, organic matter, and so on. We typically supply these units for carb, injector and engine cleaning.

We can supply bench top units from 6lt up to 50ltr including cleaning solutions for different applications.

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