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Ex-demo and Used Equipment Offers

From time to time RS Workshop Equipment refurbish equipment that comes back to us as PX for new upgraded equipment or as the result of business changes. Other times we have had workstations made to furnish or show off at an expo or showcased specialist tools and technology.

It’s always worthwhile calling to discover what might be on offer.

Why don’t we advertise used equipment online?
We do. Sometimes we have had an enquiry from a customer already. To be honest when we get equipment in exchange; we know its service history, as we probably supplied it!, We only refurbish quality equipment that is going to be of good service to a workshop. After all it is not in our interest to supply poor quality or unreliable equipment. We do have an Ebay account where we sell equipment and it’s always worth checking that out too.

At RS Workshop Equipment we are passionate about motorcycling and we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and service. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment for your workshop remember to give us a call. 01832 741007

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