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Author: MikeD

What are the advantages of the non-mandatory LOLER examination for my motorcycle workshop?

LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) examinations are typically associated with the inspection and maintenance of lifting equipment in various industries. However, it seems there might be a misunderstanding, as LOLER examinations and how they apply to motorcycle workshops. LOLER primarily focuses on the lifting equipment used in workplaces , such as workbenches, lifting tables as well as fork lifts and pallet trucks.

While LOLER certification is not currently mandatory, more insurers are encouraging policy holders to put them in place to abide by their increasingly stringent terms of cover. If you are looking toward regular safety inspections or examinations for the equipment and machinery in your motorcycle workshop, there are several potential advantages to conducting non-mandatory examinations:

  1. Safety Compliance: Regular examinations help ensure that your workshop is in compliance with safety regulations and standards, promoting a safe working environment for your employees.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Identifying and addressing potential issues through examinations can help mitigate the risk of accidents or equipment failures, reducing the likelihood of injuries and property damage.
  3. Equipment Longevity: Regular examinations can contribute to the lifespan of your workshop equipment. Identifying and addressing wear and tear early on can extend the safe operation of your machinery.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Well-maintained equipment is less likely to experience breakdowns or malfunctions, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of your workshop operations.
  5. Customer Confidence: Demonstrating a commitment to safety and maintenance through regular examinations can enhance customer confidence. Clients are more likely to trust a workshop that prioritises safety and quality.
  6. Legal Compliance: While non-mandatory examinations may not be required by law, conducting them voluntarily can still demonstrate a commitment to meeting or exceeding safety standards, potentially reducing legal liabilities.
  7. Insurance Considerations: Some insurance policies may offer better rates or coverage to businesses that implement regular safety inspections, as this demonstrates a proactive approach to risk management.
  8. Employee Morale: Employees are likely to feel more secure and valued in a workplace that prioritizes their safety and the proper maintenance of tools and equipment.

It’s essential to tailor any examination program to the specific needs of your motorcycle workshop and the equipment you use. Regular checks and maintenance routines, even if not mandated, can contribute significantly to the overall success and safety of your business. Always consult with relevant safety guidelines and regulations applicable to your industry.


MOT Equipment Calibration -NEWS

The DVSA have released special notice 2.1 & 2.2 as below:

2.1 Decelerometer Calibration

From 1 April 2023, all decelerometers must be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 1 year. This is a change from the current 2 year cycle.

Decelerometer calibration certificates issued before 1 April 2023 will be acceptable until they expire. After this, the equipment must be calibrated annually.

2.2 Brake Tester & Headlamp Tester Calibration

The DVSA have released special notice 2.1 & 2.2 as below:

From 1 April 2023, calibration of brake testers and headlamp testers will no longer be acceptable if completed by vehicle testing station (VTS) staff.

Calibration must only be completed by either:

the original manufacturer

a company that has taken over responsibility for equipment support from the manufacturer

a calibration specialist

VTSs employing independent calibration specialists must satisfy themselves of the technical competence and viability of the company concerned and be able to demonstrate this to DVSA upon request.

The search for a professional and competent service for reliable calibration is on. If you are looking for someone to carry out calibrations efficiently act now!

RS Workshop Equipment have more than 20 years experience of MOT Bay equipment supply, installation and calibration, working with a company that; knows the business, the equipment and can repair, service and advise is surely worth considering first.

For more information contact 01832 741007 or email today.


Until 31 March 2023, businesses investing in qualifying assets will benefit from up to 130% first-year capital allowance.

This allows businesses to deduct the full value of qualifying assets from profits before tax. The full tax relief is received in the year assets are purchased rather than over several years, therefore reducing the tax liability.

This measure will provide significantly faster tax relief for qualifying investments up to £1 million, helping businesses to invest and grow.

For example, under the new rules: If taxable profits pre-investments are £200,000, and a business invests £100,000 in qualifying new vehicles, plant. or machinery, they will be entitled to claim in that year a capital allowance of £130,000, a saving of £112,000 compared to current rules.*

You can still ease your cashflow and take advantage of this scheme by financing the Asset via a Hire Purchase Agreement. The extension in AIA will apply to qualifying expenditure on vehicles, equipment, machinery, and other assets a business needs from 1 April 2021 (dependent on a business’s chargeable period).

* CLICK HERE For more information on this allowance from HM Revenue & Customs, refer to their website: or contact your Accountant who can discuss your individual requirements with you. 

DUCATI MotoGP Champions 2022

Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia has become the first Italian to win the Blue Riband class on an Italian bike since Giacomo Agostini in 1972. Now you can celebrate with a limited edition motorcycle lift from LV8.

While Ducati have been near the title for a number of years, the last rider to win MotoGp on a Ducati was Casey Stoner in 2007. Closely linked to all things Ducati, LV8 have been producing the top quality motorcycle lifts that can be found in most Ducati workshops. Why? When you are working on premium brand machines you want to be sure your motorcycle workshop equipment is up  to the task. Designed and manufactured in Italy the EG600CE is a tidy bit of kit. Scissor action electro-hydraulic platforms with robust and stable chassis combine with remote control and a range of add on accessories such as; tie down rails, automatic and manual wheel clamps, side and front extension kit and colour coded accessory pack to match you dealership make these lifts the perfect workbench for your workshop.

Also available as in-floor version to give a flush ramp that allows you to roll bikes into position. BMW, Harley Davidson, KTM, Triumph, Yamaha and independent workshop know that fitting out a professional workshop takes investment in the best equipment. Would anyone seriously risk working a bike worth many thousands on anything less?

Motorcycle Workshop Equipment – Price over service?

It’s fairly easy to identify good design, quality components and materials. Judging what represents good service can be a little more tricky…

A brief guide to good customer serviceduring and after sales…

Aside from researching on line recommendation (which may or may not be genuine),

  • Referrals and recommendations from professionals, friends and users
  • Talk and listen to the person offering the service (are they reading from a script)
  • Ask difficult questions
  • Can they offer alternatives, or do they ask pertinent questions of you?
  • Do they have any negative feedback?
  • Do they have a proven track record?
  • Are they pushy?

If you feel happy with all the answers

Easy Ride-on Mower maintenance

The suggestion that an investment in a electro hydraulic lift specifically for our ride-on mowers and quads was met by some as an extravagance.

Five months on and what a difference a scissor lift can make. We no longer stretch out routine maintenance. Now we simply ride on to our trusty FML1000 lift press the remote control to raise it to an optimum work height and get on with it. This workbench allows easy access to most parts, even the cutting deck can be accessed through a drop our section. with a variety of mowers to service, the large stable deck provides ample space to place tools and parts within comfortable reach.

  • Lifts up to 1000kg / I ton
  • Deck 1.3m wide by 2.3m long
  • Lifting capability >95cm
  • Cable operated remote control
  • Two hydraulic rams
  • Italian design and manufacture
  • CE certified
  • Makes working on capital equipment easier, safer, more efficient and technicians’ work less arduous.

While the cost of this robust piece of workshop equipment may have cost a bit more more than equivalents from the far east there is no comparison in quality. Also we have the peace of mind in being able to deal with a company that supports this and other lifts in the ground care range.

Win, win – my advice don’t wait too long to add one to your workshop!

Below is a link to another article that may be of interest

Need a Motorcycle lift?

When you hear of mechanics spending their hard-earned cash on a Motorcycle Lift or piece of kit from the far east, only to be disappointed that the reality didn’t live up to their expectations. So, when investing in capital equipment wouldn’t you want know that spares and support are at the end of a UK-based phone? That the workbench has been designed with its final purpose in mind rather than as a by-product of the 4-wheeled market!

You need a platform for your or your customers’ pride and joy to be secure and easily accessible. You need to know that the design and components have been put together with motorbikes in mind. 

So what are the important points you need to look out for 

  • Robust construction
  • Efficient space (scissor action) saving design
  • Rear wheel drop out section 
  • Smooth operation
  • CE certification as a minimum
  • Warranty backed by knowledgeable support and after sales service
  • Proven products 
  • Value for money

Motorcycle Tyre Changing for professionals

While this may not be upper most in your mind at point of purchase – quality consumables, after sales support, servicing, even an instruction manual that makes sense come into sharp focus when things go wrong.

When looking at the main differences between established manufacturers/brands and ones from the emerging markets you might be surprised where the cost cutting can occur. 

From the reliability of contact parts (especially wheel rim protection), to the winding of the electric motors to gauge of steel used in the casings of the machine, not to mention quality of seals and rams. 

It has been demonstrated that most European manufacturers apply rigorous tests and include correct compliance and certification this appears to be of less importance to some others. 

Motorcycle rims are expensive – why would you risk damaging any?

So, what makes the difference in a tyre changer and dedicated motorcycle tyre changer? Yes, you can find a range of machines from the far east and yes, you could save some money in the short term. 

What happens when you need to replace the parts that eventually wear. Will you have the ongoing supply of consumable parts, accessories and engineer servicing/repairs from a reputable supplier of workshop equipment.

The most popular tyre changers also offer labour saving accessories, for example; it’s worth looking at the addition of an assist arm that when used correctly allows the de-mounting and fitting of high specification tyres a breeze. More and more professional bike workshops are using this technology and specialist machinery to minimise risk and make the technicians’ tasks more efficient and profitable.

After talking to experienced service engineers who specialise in this area and when it comes to issues with cheaper machinery virtually all raise their eyebrows, sigh and respond to customers with;

  • Cheap tyre changing machines are cheap for a reason…
  • Generally we can’t get parts easily or quickly…
  • You’ll need to contact the manufacturer…
  • This is a car tyre changer that’s been adapted (poorly)…
  • The (name of part) isn’t really up to the job long term…
  • i don’t work on machines from…the part of the world…
  • It’s a what?

One the most common issues we hear most is about (expensive) rim damage. Sometimes due to operator error, sometimes due to set up, poor build quality and little or no maintenance. When considering an important piece of equipment like this, set-up and basic training is vital as a minimum.

Given the choice would you prefer a machine dedicated to motorcycles that arrives ready to use over one that arrives in a crate and requires building, setting up and testing? Or a tyre machine that is professionally built, set up and has access to user training on call over a less than adequately written user manual to follow.

Ask yourself how many damaged rims or less than happy customers does it take to justify buying equipment that is tried and tested?

Don’t lose your customers, money or reputation!

My Ideal Motorcycle Workshop

When you can’t decide what equipment you may need or more importantly want, who better to ask than someone with professional experience.

Besides a heated garage with secure and easy access, if that’s not a contradiction. I have always wanted to be able to ride on to a workbench with out toppling off. I found that lift (EG600NANO), with an automatic wheel clamp, I don’t even need to put the bike on it’s stand.

I have my tyres fitted and wheels balanced at a local dealer and have always admired the ease with which they apply their trade. While I fully support local businesses, to be able to have access to a T520 Tyre Changer with the ProArm assist would be the dream. I have used a manual wheel balancing jig for years but again their motorcycle wheel balancer is quick and easy especially on my Duke’s single sided wheels.

All this being said – after a good ride all the washing; drying (GREAT TIP – I air dry all the nooks and crannies with an air gun off my mobile compressor) and polishing, my back does ache a bit so being able to lift my bike to the perfect height would be the biggest boon along with the fitted cabinets and workstation.

so will this cost me an arm and leg?

Surprisingly the price difference between good kit and not is not as great as you might think. Buying professional grade equipment that will last and is supported – in the long run is choice I would rather make. 

Now where’s the best place to start ?

MOTORCYCLE MOTs an affordable necessity!

Many motorcycle workshops may be missing out. With a minimum requirement of 3.2 x 4.6 metres plus a couple of other necessities such as; good access, parking, a viewing area (live or screen)…could mean your workshop benefits from another vital revenue stream.

To begin application is easy (CLICK HERE for the form).

  • Crucially you’ll need a company with the expertise and experience to supply and install the equpment.
  • Equipment that is approved, of quality design and manufacture, preferably fully supported and warrantied
  • A good contractor to affect the groundworks (please note do not attempt any groundworks until you have ‘Approval in Principal’ from the proper authority.
  • Adequate training for your examiner and centre manager
  • Regular calibration of equipment (6 monthly)

Once you have, get ready to publicise your service. Not only is the MOT a vital service – the potential repairs and service work along with building a solid customer base will hopefully stand you in good stead for the future.