Digital Pressure Gauge inflator


The new DTI Tyre Inflator. Ideal for workshops in need of a professional tool that won’t break the bank.

This highly accurate Tyre Inflator is suitable for all kinds of tyre applications

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Digital Pressure Gauge Inflator – Inflate up to 170 psi, coupled with its robust construction makes it an ideal addition to the tyre shop tool box. Simple to use, it features a hand trigger inflate and thumb operated deflate button so that the user can achieve accurate tyre pressures with speed and ease. For low visibility areas the backlight can be used to further illuminate the LCD display, which incorporates a battery level indicator. The gauge itself features an auto power off function to preserve battery life, which is excellent – 1000 hours use with the backlight off and 40 hours use with it on.

Measurements can be taken with different units of pressure – psi, bar and kpa – and the choice can be selected with the simple push of a button, with the last selection saved.

Each gauge is individually serial numbered and supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to international standards.

In short the DTI Tyre Inflator makes entry level electronic inflation technology available to all, and is a very useful addition to any professional workshop.


  • Large, clear, easy to read LCD display with backlight
  • Reliable accuracy (+/- 1 psi up to 60 psi, then 2 psi up to 150 psi) with individual testing and certification
  • Easy and cost effective to use
  • Low and simple maintenance
  • Suitable for all applications including tyre shop environments
  • Powered by PCL inflation technology and experience
  • psi, bar kpa units of pressure selectable by button; last selection saved
  • Long battery life with battery level indicator
  • Replaceable battery (1 x CR2032)
  • Backlight
  • Auto power off
  • Hand trigger inflate and thumb controlled deflate
  • Solid and robust construction
  • Specifications
  • Pressure Range5 – 170 psi / 0.34 – 12 bar / 34 – 1200 kPa
  • Maximum Supply Pressure218 psi / 15 bar / 1500 kPa
  • Inflation Flow910 (1) l/min
  • Battery Life1000 hours with backlight off / 40 hours with backlight on
  • Battery Type1 x CR2032
  • (1) – @ 13 bar supply
  • 0.5m Hose
  • Euro Clip-On


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