DIVAS 6530 Synchronisation Device


DIVAS 6530 – Synchronisation Device

The 6053 DIVAS Synchronisation device is the new accessory available for the 6050 diagnostic device, that extends the range of diagnostic capabilities, through a series of additional applications necessary for the proper tune-up of 2-wheeled vehicles.

Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool – MS6050


DIVAS 6530 Synchronisation Device

  • Using the 6053 DIVAS, you can sync’ the throttle valves, to the manufacture’s recommendations. The graphic display through color bars of pressure values, the indications of the minimum and maximum of each channel and the real time engine speed, allow precise and intuitive operations. The green color and the buzzer advise the user of the perfect pressure alignment of the intake manifolds, subject to analysis.
  • Dynamic analysis of the manifold intake pressures
  • RMP reading
  • Synchro procedures integrated with diagnostic functionalities of the engine control unit (idle speed control lock, TPS and / or self-adaptive parameter reset, analysis of fault code memory, verification of proper operating conditions, etc. )
  • 3 analog inputs for dynamic analysis and data acquisition of vehicle sensors
  • Built-in microphone

In case of difficulties in achieving the desired synchronization, dynamic and simultaneous pressure analysis of each channel, through color graphics, allows the detection of sealing problems of valves, cylinders and /or ducts.

The integration of synchronization with diagnostic functionalities, allow without the use of additional equipment, to set up the bike correctly acting on the idle speed control lock (when applicable) or to carry out the intervention with all the resets recommended by the manufacturer service manual.
The user will be able to indulge in a variety of activities, ranging from simple dynamic display, a comparative analysis between the analog inputs and the values indicated by the control unit, to achieve high-speed acquisition and subsequent processing of the monitored signals. Also features the built -in microphone allows acoustic analysis of the vehicle, useful when working with the silencer.

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