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Your motorcycle workshop after the Isle of Man TT 2023!

After the thrills of this year’s Isle of Man TT, your motorcycle workshop can continue to make the most of the post-event enthusiasm to encourage more business. Here’s a list of things a workshop could do:

  1. Offer Post-TT Inspection and Maintenance Packages: Many riders would have put their bikes through their paces. Offer specialised post-event inspection and maintenance packages to ensure their bikes are in optimal condition after the race.
  2. Highlight Success Stories: Share success stories of riders who have used your workshop’s services for their TT preparations or post-event maintenance. Showcase their achievements and emphasize how your workshop contributed to their success.
  3. Run Promotions for Off-Season Maintenance: As the racing season winds down, many riders will be looking to prepare their bikes for storage or general maintenance. Offer discounted rates or special packages for off-season maintenance to attract customers.
  4. Collaborate with Local Motorcycle Clubs or Riding Groups: Forge partnerships with local motorcycle clubs or riding groups. Offer exclusive discounts or benefits to their members, such as priority service or special rates. Sponsor club events or rides to increase visibility and build relationships.
  5. Host Educational Workshops: Organize workshops or seminars on motorcycle maintenance, DIY repairs, or rider safety. Educate customers on essential maintenance tasks they can perform themselves, while also showcasing your workshop’s professional expertise.
  6. Expand Social Media Presence: Maintain an active social media presence and continue engaging with motorcycle enthusiasts. Share post-TT content, including race highlights, behind-the-scenes stories, and customer experiences. Encourage customers to share their post-TT stories and tag your workshop.
  7. Develop a Loyalty Program: Introduce a loyalty program to reward repeat customers. Offer incentives such as discounted services, priority booking, or exclusive access to special events. This encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.
  8. Enhance Online Booking and Communication: Streamline your workshop’s online booking system and ensure prompt communication with customers. Simplify the process of scheduling appointments, obtaining quotes, and receiving updates on repairs or service progress.
  9. Participate in Local Events and Exhibitions: Take part in local motorcycle shows, exhibitions, or charity rides. Set up a booth or display your workshop’s capabilities to attract potential customers and showcase your expertise.
  10. Ensure all equipment in your workshop is in tip top condition, diagnostic tools are using the latest software (if applicable) and ready to provide, servicing, repairs and scheduled MOT inspections

Remember to adapt these suggestions to your workshop’s unique circumstances and target audience. By capitalizing on the energy and interest generated by the Isle of Man TT, you can continue to engage motorcycle enthusiasts and drive more business to your workshop

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