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Zip tie tyre fitting – it’s an option

There’s a trend currently on that infamous home video site that shows ‘bikers’ fitting new rubber on to their bike wheels using multiple zip ties (cable ties) – ingenious. While this may be a way of getting that vital piece of contact material around your rim in an emergency or while you are on safari. I’m not sure it’s my preferred method. I don’t know anyone who after spending hundreds of pounds on a set of tyres immediately thinks ‘oh I’ve got a pack of zip ties somewhere and some time to kill, I’ll fit those tyres!’

Using zip ties as a temporary solution for fitting new rubber on bike wheels can indeed be considered a creative and resourceful approach in certain emergency situations or when professional assistance is not readily available. It may help ensure some level of functionality until a proper repair or replacement can be made. Or it could be a very risky endeavour.

That being said, it’s important to note that zip ties are not designed or intended to be used for mounting tires. They lack the necessary strength, stability, and durability required for optimal performance and safety. Additionally, improper installation using zip ties may lead to imbalance, uneven wear, and compromised handling of the bike. Plus you’ll still need a compressor to seat and seal the bead.

Most motorcyclists, especially those who invest in high-quality performance tyres, would typically prefer to have their tyres mounted using appropriate tools and techniques. These methods ensure proper alignment, tension, and safety standards are met, ultimately optimizing the performance and longevity of the tires.

In summary, while using zip ties as a temporary solution for fitting bike tyres in certain emergency situations can be considered ingenious, it is not a preferred method for most individuals who prioritise safety, performance, and the longevity of their tyres. If you’re serious about tyre fitting and balancing take a look here – PROFESSIONAL WHEEL SERVICE

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