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Bicycle and Electric bike Workshops

One thing that has been surging recently is the sales of bicycles from starter push bikes to top of the range carbon framed road cycles. Not only is this good business it also opens up a raft of on-going servicing, upgrades and repairs to the workshop. Workshops that offer a clean, tidy and well laid out environment to bring their machines. When you Bikes Shops now offer;

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Downhill Specialist
  • Road racing
  • Track bicycles
  • BMX and specialist machines
  • Electric Bikes
  • Battery conversions kits
  • Cycle helmets and safety equipment
  • Accessories and Nutrition
  • Technical clothing

Leading manufacturers are encouraging Cycle Shops to up their game, follow branding, develop brand loyalty this is a business with legs. Not only are the long standing makers developing new bicycles, the luxury marques are producing pedal and electric bicycles to tempt their customer. Buying an SUV for the weekend? Why not add a foldaway bicycle? 

And what used to be a case of home repair and fettling is now a multi-million pound industry, High performance machine require top specification kit to enable servicing and repair of these increasingly sophisticated two wheeled machines. The introduction of high capacity batteries and electrically driven bicycles is a market that is continuing to grow exponentially. Manufacturers offer a huge array of options some of which may cost thousands. Customers with that level of disposable income also demand on-going support and servicing to keep their bicycles in tip top condition. the last thing the want to do is take their ‘pride and joy’ to an oily-rag back alley repair shop. Customer facing service centres are what they want to see!

Today’s customer wants to see a workshop that reflects the level of investment they have made. In many countries where cycling is afforded a iconic status the humble cycle store has been resigned to history, they have been replaced with high end boutique status and ultra-technical establishments where carbon fibre and space-grade materials are king.

Inevitably these workshops feature slick cabinets within which reside polished tools and mechanisms to keep these perambulators wheels turning.

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