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B600 Motorcycle Lift


No matter what you are lifting in the workshop it pays to lift safely. The Health and Safety Act of 1974 was designed to minimise the risk of injury in the workplace and ensure basic safety and working practices are followed.

Professional workshops these days are becoming more and more technically demanding. gone are the days of the ‘oily rag’ establishments. Today’s Technicians need to be able to operate heavy machinery safely. While the car industry has had to work with heavy lifting gear the motorcycle mechanic has for too long been confronted with working on rickety benches or even on their knees. Higher specification motorbikes mean the level of basic workshop equipment required has risen. Nowadays a good bike shop is a brightly lit and it’s service and repair areas are festooned with the specialist tools, some of which are brand and even model specific. The latest digital diagnostic devices and gizmos are vital too. But the true workhorse of the modern motorcycle workshop is the BIKE LIFT. It is essential to be able to safely and securely lift motorcycles to a height that provides optimal work height, proper adjustment and access to all the major components. When considering a good motorcycle lift you need to consider;

  • Practical and efficient
  • Scissor lifts are generally more space efficient
  • Ease of Use – Electro-hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • Remote controller
  • Quality of materials
  • Origin of equipment
  • Certification and conformity  – vital for your workshop insurance
  • Warranty
  • After sales service
  • Optional components
  • Reputation of supplier

When you buy a lift for your workshop or for your technicians – remember this piece of equipment will enable your technician to work; safely, more efficiently, profitably. This lift will be used to elevate expensive machines that maybe the customers’ pride and joy. That customer is more likely to appreciate your works when they see just how professionally you operate.

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