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Easy Ride-on Mower maintenance

The suggestion that an investment in a electro hydraulic lift specifically for our ride-on mowers and quads was met by some as an extravagance.

Five months on and what a difference a scissor lift can make. We no longer stretch out routine maintenance. Now we simply ride on to our trusty FML1000 lift press the remote control to raise it to an optimum work height and get on with it. This workbench allows easy access to most parts, even the cutting deck can be accessed through a drop our section. with a variety of mowers to service, the large stable deck provides ample space to place tools and parts within comfortable reach.

  • Lifts up to 1000kg / I ton
  • Deck 1.3m wide by 2.3m long
  • Lifting capability >95cm
  • Cable operated remote control
  • Two hydraulic rams
  • Italian design and manufacture
  • CE certified
  • Makes working on capital equipment easier, safer, more efficient and technicians’ work less arduous.

While the cost of this robust piece of workshop equipment may have cost a bit more more than equivalents from the far east there is no comparison in quality. Also we have the peace of mind in being able to deal with a company that supports this and other lifts in the ground care range.

Win, win – my advice don’t wait too long to add one to your workshop!

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