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Groundsman Mowers and Machinery Maintenance

Professional ground and turf care machinery like groundsman mowers for example, can make light work of any green management task.

Groundsman machinery equipment used on golf courses, football pitches, cricket fields, bowling greens, tennis courts and sports pitches have excellent manoeuvrability and convertible discharge systems for cutting, spreading, bagging, and mulching. These expensive machines are long term investments and regular ongoing maintenance is essential to keep them working in tip top condition for years to come.

Whether you use ride-on mowers, quad bikes, golf buggies or any other groundsman’s utility vehicle, including tractors, cylinder mowers, rotary mowers, gang mowers, spreaders, or rollers, they will no doubt endure a certain amount of wear and tear whilst in use. To keep your machinery or groundsman mower in excellent condition, a tune up every season is highly recommended. Ensuring employees can work safely and efficiently, many businesses manage all their machinery maintenance and repairs in house by installing professional workshop equipment, like hydraulic scissor lifts and workbenches

Hydraulic lifting equipment should be purchased from a reputable UK supplier offering the best quality European equipment, excellent customer care and after sales service. The equipment should also carry a ‘CE marking’, which is a manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

Maintenance Checklist:

1.     Groundsman Machinery Needs Cleaning Regularly – All grass and debris should be removed after use with a stiff brush, airline, or high-pressure water jet, debris can get stuck inside and outside of your mower affecting performance. Check the riding mower deck and carefully remove any grass clippings that are stuck underneath.  After washing apply a protective lubricant to prevent rusting.

2.     Check Mower Belts – Check that the belt tension is correct, and they are not worn or damaged, replace the belts if required.

3.     Regrind to the Cylinder – To maintain a good quality cut all blade edges should be checked visually for any damage, this should be carried out carefully and only when the engine is switched off.

4.     Replace Air Filters and Change Spark Plugs Every Season – Remove the air filter and thoroughly clean the surrounding area, once clean, install a new replacement air filter. Before replacing the old spark plugs, be sure to correctly adjust the gap between electrodes.

5.     Lubricate Moving Parts Regularly – To avoid wear and tear, all moving parts should be lubricated with oil or grease, or as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions. A grease gun is a handy tool for carrying out this task.

6.     Top up and Change the Machine Oil – Regularly Change the oil to keep your groundsman mower or machinery running smoothly. Unscrew the plug from the drain funnel and release the oil into a bucket, once complete, replace the plug and refill your riding mower engine with new oil.

If these maintenance tasks are carried out on a regular basis your groundsman machinery will prove to be a sound financial investment that continue to deliver the high productivity and performance your leisure facility, golf course or garden centre requires time and time again.

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