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When making any kind of capital purchase for equipment (motorcycle lifts, tyre changers, wheel balancers, diagnostics) that will make your workplace safer, more efficient and enhance profitability. We all need to get the most for our money. 

Expensive isn’t necessarily the best but cheap is cheap for a reason. Product quality has more to do with design, materials and manufacture and each have a value. Sourcing equipment from a reputable company that manages service issues professionally and offer a robust warranty is vital. 

It’s worth noting that these days more and more businesses are customer-centric. The expectation now is to see what goes on. When we take our own vehicles in for servicing and or repair and we look into the workshop – we expect them highest professional standards. No-one wants to see their ‘pride and joy’ rising up on a lift that looks a bit less than it should or gives cause for concern in old fashioned oily-rag surroundings. 

This doesn’t just apply to customers. To attract or retain good technicians the workplace, its equipment and facilities can make or break a company. A good level of equipment can instill a sense of pride in the that workplace which in turn heightens standards, enhances working practices and efficiency and can add value to the business.

So when considering your own premises do you…?

• Buy an item with a smaller price tag – ‘buy cheap, buy twice!’

• Trawl Auction sites to find a similar or unproven product

• Go with a company based thousands of miles away

• Trust sellers’ big claims

• Hope the equipment will arrive undamaged

• Wonder if CE approval is all that important

• Allow enough time to ‘build’ and install

• Hope the user manual has a ‘troublshooting’ section

• Rely on availability of consumables or spares

• Accept replacement after warranty runs out

• Realise that replacing equipment costs downtime

• Think after sales service isn’t that important

• Hope the call centre has an appropriate script and understanding


• Buy from a company that specialises in relevant equipment

• Accept the initial price is more – but for good reason

• Rely on their proven experience and reputation 

• Look for a UK based company that is…

• Look for a ‘one-stop’ shop that offers workshop design, equipment and installation that is…

• A trusted supplier to major brands

• A supplier who offers genuine fit for purpose products

• Compliant with current regulations and up to date on insurer assessment requirements

• Expert, passionate and have in-depth knowledge

• Stockist of a wide range of consumables and spares

• Unrivalled for after-sales service

• Able to offer affordable Finance solutions to help spread the load*

*Subject to status and terms and conditions.

At RS Workshop Equipment the intention is to get it right first time; deliver what we promise and provide real value. So when you’re looking elsewhere… think, ‘If it’s too good to be true – it probably is!’

Want to know more about what we can bring to you – call RS Workshop Equipment on 01832 741007 today

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