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Electric Vehicle Battery Lift

Ideal ELectric Vehicle Battery Lift (EV)

Any workshop whether a main dealership or independent must be aware of the new technicalities of the battery powered vehicles. Not only can the power cells extremely heavy and cumbersome they can be susceptible to damage if mishandled, which can be expensive.

Not only mechanical workshops will need suitable battery lifts

An often overlooked issue with EV cells and their complex wiring looms is that they can be damaged or have their optimal use shortened when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. For example in temperature controlled paint booths when paint.

Why anyone would risk using equipment not designed specifically for the job is sometimes hard to understand. Workshops do need to be aware of a number of factors;

Electric Vehicles also known as EV need specialist lift for handling batteries, motors and transmissions.

Ideally these lift should have 

  • A solid platform that also allows access to fixings and components
  • Self levelling for awkward situations
  • Omni-directional high load wheels with integral brake for accurate positioning
  • Easily accessible controls on the lift and ideally remote control
  • Electro hydraulic ram system with integral safety features
  • Ability to be used with other lifts
  • Built in electrical insulation
  • Good design from a reputable manufacturer using premium components
  • CE certification as a minimum for compliance
  • Solid after sales support and product knowledge

When you put all these things together and invest in a piece of equipment your workshop will have the confidence to operate on EVs.

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