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MOT Bay Package

MOTORCYCLE MOTs an affordable necessity!

Many motorcycle workshops may be missing out. With a minimum requirement of 3.2 x 4.6 metres plus a couple of other necessities such as; good access, parking, a viewing area (live or screen)…could mean your workshop benefits from another vital revenue stream.

To begin application is easy (CLICK HERE for the form).

  • Crucially you’ll need a company with the expertise and experience to supply and install the equpment.
  • Equipment that is approved, of quality design and manufacture, preferably fully supported and warrantied
  • A good contractor to affect the groundworks (please note do not attempt any groundworks until you have ‘Approval in Principal’ from the proper authority.
  • Adequate training for your examiner and centre manager
  • Regular calibration of equipment (6 monthly)

Once you have, get ready to publicise your service. Not only is the MOT a vital service – the potential repairs and service work along with building a solid customer base will hopefully stand you in good stead for the future.

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