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Ian Bell Yamaha

My Ideal Motorcycle Workshop

When you can’t decide what equipment you may need or more importantly want, who better to ask than someone with professional experience.

Besides a heated garage with secure and easy access, if that’s not a contradiction. I have always wanted to be able to ride on to a workbench with out toppling off. I found that lift (EG600NANO), with an automatic wheel clamp, I don’t even need to put the bike on it’s stand.

I have my tyres fitted and wheels balanced at a local dealer and have always admired the ease with which they apply their trade. While I fully support local businesses, to be able to have access to a T520 Tyre Changer with the ProArm assist would be the dream. I have used a manual wheel balancing jig for years but again their motorcycle wheel balancer is quick and easy especially on my Duke’s single sided wheels.

All this being said – after a good ride all the washing; drying (GREAT TIP – I air dry all the nooks and crannies with an air gun off my mobile compressor) and polishing, my back does ache a bit so being able to lift my bike to the perfect height would be the biggest boon along with the fitted cabinets and workstation.

so will this cost me an arm and leg?

Surprisingly the price difference between good kit and not is not as great as you might think. Buying professional grade equipment that will last and is supported – in the long run is choice I would rather make. 

Now where’s the best place to start ?

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