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Tyre Changers

Motorcycle Tyre Changing for professionals

While this may not be upper most in your mind at point of purchase – quality consumables, after sales support, servicing, even an instruction manual that makes sense come into sharp focus when things go wrong.

When looking at the main differences between established manufacturers/brands and ones from the emerging markets you might be surprised where the cost cutting can occur. 

From the reliability of contact parts (especially wheel rim protection), to the winding of the electric motors to gauge of steel used in the casings of the machine, not to mention quality of seals and rams. 

It has been demonstrated that most European manufacturers apply rigorous tests and include correct compliance and certification this appears to be of less importance to some others. 

Motorcycle rims are expensive – why would you risk damaging any?

So, what makes the difference in a tyre changer and dedicated motorcycle tyre changer? Yes, you can find a range of machines from the far east and yes, you could save some money in the short term. 

What happens when you need to replace the parts that eventually wear. Will you have the ongoing supply of consumable parts, accessories and engineer servicing/repairs from a reputable supplier of workshop equipment.

The most popular tyre changers also offer labour saving accessories, for example; it’s worth looking at the addition of an assist arm that when used correctly allows the de-mounting and fitting of high specification tyres a breeze. More and more professional bike workshops are using this technology and specialist machinery to minimise risk and make the technicians’ tasks more efficient and profitable.

After talking to experienced service engineers who specialise in this area and when it comes to issues with cheaper machinery virtually all raise their eyebrows, sigh and respond to customers with;

  • Cheap tyre changing machines are cheap for a reason…
  • Generally we can’t get parts easily or quickly…
  • You’ll need to contact the manufacturer…
  • This is a car tyre changer that’s been adapted (poorly)…
  • The (name of part) isn’t really up to the job long term…
  • i don’t work on machines from…the part of the world…
  • It’s a what?

One the most common issues we hear most is about (expensive) rim damage. Sometimes due to operator error, sometimes due to set up, poor build quality and little or no maintenance. When considering an important piece of equipment like this, set-up and basic training is vital as a minimum.

Given the choice would you prefer a machine dedicated to motorcycles that arrives ready to use over one that arrives in a crate and requires building, setting up and testing? Or a tyre machine that is professionally built, set up and has access to user training on call over a less than adequately written user manual to follow.

Ask yourself how many damaged rims or less than happy customers does it take to justify buying equipment that is tried and tested?

Don’t lose your customers, money or reputation!

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